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Mcafee provides best security protection all over the world. Everyday online fraud payment using phishing websites, free third-party tools created by attackers or cybercriminals to get user sensitive information. Mcafee help to identify website is secured or not and keep the system up to date.

Setup Mcafee on your computer and Laptop, go to and download McAfee from your McAfee account using your McAfee email id and password.

Installing Mcafee from a Retail card

  • Firstly Get your crucial 25-digit code on the card.
  • Type URL on the web browser
  • It will take you to the Internet page and put your product key
  • Click Activate
  • Enter your McAfee email and password and log in
  • Redeem your Retail Card
  • Download McAfee on the device where you want to install

How to Activate McAfee Livesafe?

To download Mcafee Livesafe follow steps and get installed.
1. Get your 25-digit code on the card.
2. Type url on the web browser.
3. Type your McAfee Livesafe product key.
4. Click Activate.
5. Check your subscription in your McAfee account.
6. Download McAfee Livesafe.

Retail card with 25 digit code, you may find 25 digit code and scratch code and Check our Blog post or Mcafee Buyer’s Guide

Mcafee Retail card

Where to Scratch 25-digit activation code?

  • If your key is correct then Activate and the page will be redirected on McAfee account.
  • Under your subscription product will be showing
  • Install McAfee on other devices will be required to login McAfee account and click download only.
  • Setup Mcafee on your computer and Laptop, go to and download McAfee from your McAfee account using your McAfee email id and password.

How to check McAfee Update issue?

Mcafee Update helps to update McAfee Antivirus Definition which provides removal of Malware, worms, spyware, adware, and trojans types of infections. Mcafee security suite blocks viruses and other unwanted malicious software from outside to get into the computer.

Downloading and activating McAfee internet security using McAfee retail cards, code with the Mcafee retail card has 25 alphanumeric keys. Protect your devices like Desktop/Laptop or mobile devices for that just go to and enter Mcafee product key.

McAfee security product came with McAfee software and you can configure your McAfee account then access all antivirus software. All browser support McAfee SiteAdvisor extension provide Mcafee SECURE Safe Browsing.

McAfee Retail card Activation steps

McAfee download
  1. Redeem your McAfee Retail card and Activate Mcafee
  2. Open your Internet browsers and visit:
  3. Type your 25-digit activation code and Submit
  4. Login into McAfee account.

Note: If the activation code is incorrect, then visit the store where you bought your McAfee product.

McAfee Cybersecurity Products

Learn about McAfee cybersecurity products, These products are designed and built to work mutually. New McAfee Endpoint Security integrates threat prevention, web control, and a firewall, along with machine learning and advanced threat containment and correction, to stop the spread of malware.

your Mcafee subscription is activated on dashboard
My app and go to Download softcopy
Click Download and install Mcafee product.
Activate McAfee