McAfee Activate 25 digit code

McAfee Activate 25 digit Code

Install Mcafee antivirus from a CD or online. If a product purchased from bestbuy or any other store, then you might get a retail card or CD with you.

    • Get Your 25-digit product key for the activation code.
    • Install Mcafee from CD
    • Put your Disk in drive
    • Go to my computer and open disk
    • Ran Setup.exe which can run your setup
    • It may ask for product key then put your product key
    • Asking for email id and password ( Type your email and password, if not then create a new account )
    • Product get online now, and you can download without your key now.
    • Setup process can take some time to Install McAfee on the system.
    • Installing Mcafee from a Retail card
    • Get your crucial 25-digit code on the card.
    • Type url on the web browser
    • It will take you to the Internet page and put your product key
    • click Activate
    • If your key is correct then Activate and the page will be redirected on McAfee account.
    • Under your subscription product will be showing
    • Download McAfee on the device where you want to install.

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